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Find a Great Domain Name

The first step in finding in starting your online presence is finding the right domain name.  With so many names being registered, it can sometimes seem difficult to obtain a good domain name.  As long as you take your time and follow a logical process, you can find a great name.  A Great domain name is one that is short enough to be memorable, easy to spell and easy to use.  This web address will be your online brand, so take your time and select a great domain name.  We submit the following seven step process to help get you started.

1). Start by brainstorming a list of names that you would like to have. If you already have a name for your business or club, put the name on the list.  Sometimes your first choice will not be available in a dot-com, so you may want to consider an alternative Top Level Domain (TLD) such as  .net, .biz, .us, .org or .info.  There are also country name TLD's like .tv, .cc, etc.

2).  Use keyword rich domain names. Make a list of keywords, or a combination of keywords, that can serve as your web address (example: KillBugsDead.com).

3). Prefixes - Another popular approach is to add a prefix in the beginning of a generic name such as Etoys or eGreetings.com.  Other prefixes to consider are: E, I, Z, My and EZ.

4). Suffixes - This can be very effective for businesses or groups that are already well branded.  Two good examples are Online and Direct, such as MerrilLynchDirect.com or BatteriesDirect.com.

5). A dash might do! Some domain names are very effective in utilizing a dash in the name.  If the domain is primarily going to found by search engines, then the dash can be very effective by using custom keywords separated by dashes, such as boat-loans.com.

6). Use creative combinations.  Get creative and use action words that can be combined with parts of other keywords.  A good example is a senior care provider called Evergive.com.

Remember that this web address will be your online brand, so take your time and you will find a great domain name.

Get started today with your domain name search.
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